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Tuesday, 20-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
lazy Ol days

Lazy afternoon
Island view
Airlie in the Morning sun
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Well again another update, and more of the same pics. Not much has happened since last time, except for some more brain cell casualties in my never ending war on booze. I remember a day not too long ago where I would go on long hikes all day, and enjoy the great outdoors. Now I get leg cramps getting out of bed to go to the toilet. Well enough is enough, time to get out there and enjoy it!!!! Look out world here I come!!!!!

Sabrina, Luv and miss you XXXXXXX

Sunday, 18-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

the prettiest girl in the world
row row row your boat
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Well another day, another perfect day to be alive. It has been so nice here in Airlie beach. 28c and crystal clear water. It's like a mirror. If you look hard enough into it, you can see into yourself and get lost in the magic of life. It's so great and sorry for rubbing that in to the people reading this who are in cold parts of the world.
Well I have been rather perplexed by people as late. I had a person lie to my face the other day. Just a plain old lie. It annoyed me, and got me thinking. Why do people do it? It was the perfect time for you to be honest Adam, so why did you lie?? Are you that full of yourself that you couldn't even admit to a simple truth?? Why do we as people feel the need to lie?? I don't know. I really don't know. I guess all I can do is be honest with my life and believe in the good nature of people to be honest with me. I guess thats all any of us can do.
So it's no longer time to focus idiots and thier lies. Instead focus on the magic and beauty of the world. all you have to do is look outside and see the magic every where. You don't even have to look outside, just look into the eyes of someone close to you and you will understand.

Sabrina I really miss you....... Love you lots XXXXXXXX

Thursday, 8-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Sailing on a sea of torquoise
Hand of god
Shine down on me
Well today is just like another day here in Airlie Beach. The sun is shinning, the water is clear, backpackers are everywhere spending their required 3 days here. Thats whats this town is, its a hub for backpackers, who only spend 3 days here then leave. I think it must be a visa requirement the govenrment imposes on them. Their are a few of us locals here, but you are considered a local if you have been here more than 2 weeks. There are those here who stay for the backpackers. They dream it's their own little playboy mansion (they mostly work on the sailboats). A continually changing array of beautiful women for them to pick up (and guys if thats you're of the other sex) They seem happy to do it, and I guess alot of us a envious of their lifestyle. The rest of us locals do the best we can. Knowing that one day you might meet someone who is facinating and interesting and you wish you could spend time with them and hear about thier life and experiences, but then in 3 days they are gone. Even your Aussie friends tend to change as often as your underwaer. All and all it can get to you..... But I guess in the end I'm happy that these people come into your life. It's alot richer that they have.........
Plus when you wake up to this sort of scenery how could you be unhappy.....

Sabrina, I love and miss you heaps. Counting down the time tilll I get to Berlin XXXX

Tuesday, 6-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Sabrina tasting the good life
Shadows of a simple life
Windy day for flying
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Well, I did it. I have overcome the marvels of the modern world and are now in the age of cyberspace. Now all I have to do is come up with some attractive blogs to keep your attention more than 3 seconds. No easy task....... A quick word on the photos, just some I have taken round here in my little slice of paradise. Including a couple of Sabrina (p.s. if your reading I love you...) Hope you enjoy them. Now if only I could write something interesting............


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